No Guns Ever Changed the world,

It was always a person with a microphone


About Yash

Entrepreneur, leader, speaker and mentor

Yash is a Globally Recognised Entrepreneur.  He is the Managing Director for the Vasant Group, with investments and holdings in Education, Trucking, Warehousing and Global Logistics.

Yash has a degree in Economics and Neuroscience with a focus on Behavioural Psychology from the University of California Los Angeles. He has a law degree from the Gujarat University and holds a CFE from the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives. He is a NLP master practitioner from the NLP school in London.

Realising the impact of education on every aspect of the world around us, Yash has dedicated his life towards entrepreneurship particularly in Social Impact Models. These are models that are for profit and have a large positive impact on our local and global communities. He has led the charge in several businesses focused on education at every stage of an individuals journey.

He is the Founder of Playtos Miniversity, which arguably is one of the greatest curriculums developed for children from the ages of 10-14. Playtos is a “Beyond School” for children where life, leadership and entrepreneurial skills are the focus. It is a Global Franchise with a vision to be present in every major city in the world over the next 10 years. Education however cannot be contained just to the privileged few and a portion of Playtos’ earnings are dedicated to Samvedana, an NGO working with underprivileged women and children in Rural India.

Education is a life long process, and since impact is the only measure Yash Co-Founded Life Campus, an experience based, immersive education curriculum based out of Europe. Life campus caters to young adults from the ages of 18-25 and serves as a compass helping its students navigate the vast complexities of adulthood.

With lifelong learning as a core value, Yash is also the founder and Executive Director for BNI (Business Network International) in Gujarat, India where he has had the honour and privilege of creating one of the largest non –

government economic engines of our country with over 4000 members having generated over 6000 crores ($1Billion) in revenue amongst themselves till date.

More recently, Yash is the Founder and National Director of Corporate Connections in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Corporate Connections is the world’s premier business network that aims to bring together larger business owners with a minimum net worth of $10 million. Under his leadership and vision Corporate Connections has grown over 80% year on year and promises to be the greatest tool to bring together the global influencers of today.

Yash was recognised as an Enterprise Icon in India by the Economic Times and a who’s who of the business world by unified brains. 

Yash is deeply respected by his peers as someone who did not come into his family business and built his entire legacy ground up. His hard work, commitment to excellence and depth of understanding human nature is what has left thousands of people in admiration across the world. 


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