Have you ever noticed that some people seem to enter a room and just own it? Get on a dining table and be the center of attention, or run businesses that are loved and have a far reaching impact? As Yash says often, great products don’t always sell, great services don’t always sell, great people don’t always sell, BUT great STORIES always do! Speak Your Fire is a very special Public Speaking Mastery workshop by our Yash Vasant.

It is an immersive learning session spanning 2 days, and includes an extraordinary set of activities, environments and programs that help you become Master Public Speakers and storytellers. Whether you want to speak professionally or just want to be the best version of yourself, this workshop is a must attend. Anyone wishing to grow their confidence, be better at their business and personal lives, and above all leave a lasting impression on this earth: Sign up now for 2 days of amazing stories, shares and learnings with Yash Vasant.

This workshop is structured in three phases-learning, ideation & feedback, and implementation.



Ideation & Feedback



The How, What, and Why of building a story!?
We are going to cover the VAKOG, how to be a better public speaker, and much more...

2-3-4th March 2023
Registration: Rs 20,000+ GST
Venue: Ahmedabad

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The Advanced Visioning Workshop, is a carefully curated program combining some of the world's best techniques that have been proven to help its participants realise the life they have always dreamt of. This workshop, will take its participants through three journeys:


An exercise to put the past in perspective


A realization process to figure out what you really want in the future


A detailed plan on how to achieve the vision designed by you for your future

The Visioning Workshop gives you a 360 degree view of your life, including your business, personal and family lives. As businessmen and women, we constantly struggle to maintain balance between different facets of our life. Without a clear vision of what you want, the how and when hold no importance. As Yash Vasant always says: No matter how motivated, excited, driven you are, if you are running WEST looking for the sunrise you will never find it. This new year, set a clear vision for the coming 1 year, 5 year and beyond and know why you do what you do.

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LYF: Live Your Fire.

This is a three day program aimed at unleashing the potential within every individual. Through age old techniques of immersion, hours of movement and hours or complete silence, this workshops will ensure that it ignites the on thing every successful person needs: Hunger. It focuses on three key aspects of our life:








Storytelling Master

Story telling and public speaking seminar.


Ignite your Passion Relationship Mastery

A seminar on exploring and reinventing your intimate relationships.



Set a Vision for your life, and turbo charge everything that you do.


Yash Vasant’s personal mentoring program. This is an opportunity only for those hungry to take life head on. Entrance to this is only upon application. Please click below to submit an inquiry.