About Yash


About Yash

Entrepreneur, leader, speaker and mentor

For more than a decade, thousands of people around the world have enjoyed the warmth, clarity and purposeful communication though his business ventures and business/life transformation events. He is a growing authority on leadership psychology in the world today. And is one of the counties most sort of speaker.

Ever since a very young age, he has been recognized by people of all ages as someone who can maximize their potential and help them shed unwanted baggage that they have been carrying around their entire life.

With a degree in Neuroscience and Economics from the University of California Los Angeles, Yash started exploring his different abilities early. He worked as a bar-tender, undercover Loss Prevention Agent with the LAPD and a teacher of the Sciences in Los Angeles, CA. His life soon drew him towards his passion for business and he moved to Dubai to experience what it was like to work at the very bottom of the so called corporate ladder. He worked at the B/L counter for a major shipping line and through his lessons learnt there moved on to start his own business in Freight Forwarding and Logistics in India.

He has been recognized as an Enterprise Icon in India by the Economic times, as the Who’s Who of the business world by Unified Brains and the worlds youngest Executive Director by BNI, the worlds largest business networking organization. He was also awarded the Top Speaker award at a global speakers convention held in Tallinn Estonia in August 2018.

His work has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world both in the business and personal development fields.