" I have worked with Yash during BNI Poland conference. He was one of the main speakers at our event. Yash delivered very inspirational and motivational speech to our BNI members and directors. He has outstanding communications skills and he is professional trainer. "

- Ryszard Chmura

" Yash is a magic, his mentorship has inspired me to do better and be happier in life. His communication has instant charm and truly a life changing experience for me. "

- Harsh Shah

" Yash's energy level are very contagious; his connect with the audience is simple, humble and realistic. He pumps up the motivation drive within one's self. "

- Kirat Damani

" Any Seminar which is conducted by Yash is a MUST ATTEND. I have had the benefit of attending various trainings taken by Yash. The trainings taken by Yash are practical and to the point. He has reasons to prove his point. He is a mesmerizing speaker. His knowledge of the subject that he is going to speak on is phenomenal. He is a great orator and has an amazing personality. I can assure you that once you attend his seminar, you will always want to attend all the seminars conducted by him. "

- Kunal Parikh

I first met Yash Vasant at the 2015 BNI Global Conference, Los Angeles. I was impressed by the clarity of his delivery on the BNI system and his commitment to provide more value and a fantastic experience to each and every one of his Members.

I knew I had to invite him to inspire our Members in Malaysia and the opportunity came when we held our 2017 National Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The decision to have Yash as our keynote speaker was the best we have ever made.

He kept our Members glued to their seats. Every single point was driven home clearly with a memorable story that he carefully and slowly build up to drive the message home. He managed to inspire the Members to think bigger, do more and have a more positive mindset. I am very confident our next conference will be much bigger if Yash agrees to do it again.

- Marcus Hwang | National Director | BNI Malaysia